When can I expect to hear a response to email and phone inquiries?  Our office hours are M-F 9 am-4 pm. Email and phone reply guaranteed within 24-48 hours (weekends and holidays may be delayed).

What happens when I place my session order?  The most important thing to do is watch your email as we use this means for active client communications. Our administrative team will email you immediately after placing an order to begin the scheduling process. Please note that our scheduling process is quite brisk as our trainers are in high demand so if you aren’t used to checking email regularly, please make every effort to do so during this process so we can get you the timeliest expert assistance possible.

Do I need to be present for the training?  Yes. Animal training is fundamentally rooted in crafting a relationship based on mutual trust between the animal learner and their caregiver. The role of our trainers is to help you build your skillset and understanding, using science-based reinforcement methods, to craft that relationship. Training is something we do with our animals, not to them. Effective training takes hard work, consistency, and time on behalf of the owner, with behavior modification being achieved after hundreds, if not thousands of repetitions over time.

I’m not sure what training option I need. How do you help me decide that? You can reach out to us via email or phone and we will guide you from there. After we make our initial connection, we will send you an information form to fill out so we will have a good overview of your training needs as well as your location and scheduling needs. We review your training needs first and then look at which trainer is a best fit for you both in terms of those needs and what is the most expedient way to get you expert help in a way that works for your schedule. We will email you our recommendations, the best options for getting started the soonest and will walk you through the ordering and scheduling process.

My dog’s behavior makes me wonder if they are going to need medications. Do you make recommendations for this? We are not veterinarians, or veterinary behaviorists and cannot make diagnoses or specific medication recommendations. Only a doctor of veterinary medicine is legally and ethically qualified to diagnose behavioral disorders and prescribe medications. That being said, we do work with many dogs that do have these issues and, if we believe that your dog is presenting with a clinical-level concern, we will discuss this with you and can provide referrals to our local behavioral veterinarians/veterinary behaviorists. As medications alone do not fix behavior, but can help a dog regulate their emotional responses enough to be able to learn better behaviors, we are able to coordinate with your vet so training can continue in an integrated manner.

Is it okay to start with a single training session? What if I decide I want more later? Yes, you can certainly start with just one session. If you want more later, our office staff will give you the instructions for upgrading to a 3-session package. It’s a very easy process. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and abilities to ensure a lifetime of continued improvement for you and your pet.

How soon can training start? This can vary and is influenced by a number of variables, not the least of which are your location and schedule and, of course, what services you are seeking. Generally speaking, phone sessions and virtual sessions are quickest to schedule and can often be scheduled within 1-2 weeks from when we receive your order. Because schedules and daily travel routes for our in-home trainers vary widely from day to day, the best thing to do is to send us an email inquiry so we can discuss your needs. Our office staff can then give you the best estimate for when we can get someone to you and the various options for getting you the fastest expert help.

What if I have a session scheduled and need to cancel? If it is the same day as your session, or on the weekend, please contact your trainer directly (call or text) so they can adjust their travel route for the day accordingly. Their contact info can be found on your confirmation form. If you need to cancel during the week with at least a day’s advance notice, please contact our office via email so we can reschedule your session and alert your trainer.

Do you refund unused sessions? Sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you may find that you have sessions you will be unable to use. If you need to cancel an order before you have received any services, or if you have received only one session of a 3-session package, you can request a refund. If you have received 2 sessions of a 3-session package and are unable to have your third session, we ask that you donate your unused session for use by a local rescue. We work with many local rescues to help them evaluate and prepare dogs for adoption and they are always greatly appreciative of such donations.

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