FOR PET DOGS, CATS AND BIRDS Having a problem with your pet, and not sure what to do? Does your pet have a behavior issue you could use some help with? Our expert staff can work with you and your pet dogs, cats or birds.Whether it’s been going on for a while or it just began, by talking to one of our experts in animal behavior you will LEARN how to prevent it from happening and LEARN how to teach your pet a more acceptable behavior by following a customized training plan.



  • 30-45 minute phone training session.
  • Continued phone and email access to your trainer for ONE MONTH after your session is completed.
  • Unlimited access to trainer-supplied videos and handouts specific to your individual needs.
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response.


Fill out all fields and add this item to your shopping cart. You will receive an email to schedule your session.



Once your session time is scheduled, your call will be placed at the agreed upon time (Note: Time may vary 15 minutes either way). If you do not answer, a TEXT will immediately be sent.



If you cancel day-of or do not respond within 15 minutes of the attempted call and text, your session will be considered completed. An additional fee of $25 will be required if you wish to re-schedule.

Weight 200 kg
Terms of Service

This agreement is between A Sound Beginning Program and the CLIENT/RELEASOR whereby, CLIENT/RELEASOR wishes to consult with A Sound Beginning Program about the behavior of his/her companion pet for the purpose of modifying the pet's behavior. CLIENT/RELEASOR also understands and agrees that A Sound Beginning Program is in no way responsible for the behavior of the animal at any time, not now or in the future. Client further understands that every pet reacts in a different manner to training and behavior modification and that animals are, by nature, unpredictable. Therefore, animal training and behavior modification requires full attention and total awareness at all times. Animals may, without warning, cause injury to humans and/or other animals. I hereby release A Sound Beginning Program, as to attacks, bites, mauling, or all of them, by the aforementioned animal indicated above upon any person or animal. I hereby agree to exercise caution for the safety of myself, the animal, those around me and those animals around me while working with the animal. I agree to the terms of this consultation agreement and understand that any injuries received by me or by my pet or other persons or animals while working with the animal are my own responsibility. This release may not be changed orally.

Photo/Video Release

I grant A Sound Beginning Program the right to take photographs and/or videos of me and my family in connection with training consultations or classroom sessions. I authorize A Sound Beginning Program, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that A Sound Beginning Program may use such photographs and/or videos of me and my family with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and Web content. This release may not be changed orally.


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