Staff – Erica Kendzora

Erica Kendzora

Erica Kendzora KPA-CTP


Erica is a certified trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy Program and a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She uses force-free methods to help people effectively communicate with their pets in a way that is fun for all involved and builds a great foundation of trust!

Erica attended University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she received a Bachelors in Animal Science. After graduation she worked at DuPage Animal Services for 10 years. During her time there she worked as a caretaker, an Animal Control Officer and kennel supervisor. This allowed her to gain experience working with all kinds of animals with many different behavioral needs. She was continually challenged by the behaviors each dog would display and learned new techniques to help them succeed. She started an enrichment program for the shelter animals which involved coming up with creative ideas on how to stimulate the minds of the animals while living in a kennel.

She has attended many seminars and classes throughout the years to continue her education. Some of those include:
· KPA Shelter and Training Enrichment Program
· KPA Puppy Start Right Program
· Living and Learning with Animals Course – Susan G. Friedman
· Crucial, Cutting-Edge & Common Sense Concepts – Ian Dunbar
· Well Adjusted Dog – Nicholas Dodman
· Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems – Pat Miller
· Anxiety & Fear Aggression – Trish King and Pia Silvani
· Dog-Dog Group Dynamics – Sue Sternberg

Erica has taught puppy classes and A Sound Beginning classes. She currently focuses on helping families one on one prevent behavior problems by teaching them positive methods that will set their dog up for success.

Erica is married and has two young children, a lab mix, two parrots, a chinchilla, and fish so she understands how hard it can be implementing new training techniques at home with a loud and busy household! She is committed to helping you find what works best with your family’s needs!