Staff – Erica Kendzora

Erica Kendzora

Erica Kendzora KPA-CTP


Erica graduated from University of Illinois with an Animal Science major and through that program she found a job at DuPage Animal Services where she worked after college for 10 years. She currently focuses on teaching A Sound Beginning classes and helping families one on one by teaching them how to prevent behavior problems through setting their dog up for success using positive methods. She helps her clients create a lifelong bond with their dog built from trust.She has attended many seminars throughout the years to continue her education and best serve her clients.

· Certified KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner)
· Trainer for A Sound Beginning Program classes and in-homes
· Member of Pet Professional Guild

Erica is married with two kids under six, a lab mix, two parrots, a chinchilla, and some fish so she understands how hard it can be implementing new training techniques at home with a loud and busy household! She is committed to helping you find what works with your family’s needs!