Staff – Liz Bierman

Liz Bierman

Liz Bierman, KPA CTP


Liz is a certified positive reinforcement trainer with an extensive history in the animal welfare world. This gives her a lot experience in working with families to help build a strong bond with their pets to help keep them together by building trust in one another.

Liz began her animal training career as she was attending the University of Illinois where she was studying for a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Liz began interning at the Champaign County Humane Society to gain experience on her road to veterinary school. She began with animal care, which quickly showed her a love for the animal welfare world and the animal behavior world (and her favorite breed – pitties!). She immediately signed up for the behavior internship program after and continued that until she graduated. She helped teach training classes, assisted in dog and cat behavior assessments, and gave enrichment to the animals every day. Learning positive reinforcement training quickly ignited her love for behavior, training, and the animal shelter world which completely changed her career path.

Fast forward to where she worked at A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter for 7 years as the Animal Care manager and Trainer. Liz’s history in the shelter has helped her understand the importance of education to pet owners. She loves to teach others about dog and cat behavior and teach them about all the ways to connect with their pet through force-free training and enrichment. She established and implemented many new programs within the shelter with heavy emphasis on safety and enrichment for the animals and the staff and volunteers.

Liz earned her KPA-CTP certification through the Karen Pryor Academy in 2020 and has attended many seminars to continue her learning growth in the field. She also is Fear-Free certified.
Liz enjoys spending time at home with her beloved dog, Guinness, who is the dog that taught her the most about how much positive reinforcement training works. She also has an adorable kitty named Simba that enjoys training as well!