Marta Dzundza

Marta Dzundza
Marta is a professional trainer and educator, helping pet owners build a strong bond with their pets through force free methods.
Certified KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner)
Graduate of Petco Positive Dog Trainer Certification Program 
Certified Pet First Aid and CPR
Graduate of University of Wisconsin-Parkside 
As a former athlete and exercise science coach, Marta has worked with people to achieve their own personal health goals and is now applying those coaching skills with pet owners to reach training goals with their dogs. She is also passionate about dog holistic wellness and ensuring that they are healthy inside and out through proper exercise, nutrition, and mental stimulation.
Marta’s journey to becoming a dog trainer began when she realized she was doing more volunteer work with rescues and fostering than her paid job as an exercise coach. She has fostered over 25 dogs that ranged 3lbs to 100lbs. Her interest in dog behavior was sparked by her first foster and now foster fail, Yule, a 5lb Yorkshire Terrier who spent his first 6 years caged in a puppy mill and had to all of a sudden adjust to the big and scary world. Most of her foster dogs came with intense fear and anxiety. Marta loves helping these sensitive pups grow to be confident in navigating their new world. She also adopted a Shepherd mix, Leila, who has tested Marta’s skills and taught her many new ones! Leila also has severe fear and anxiety and is reactive due to that. Being the big and enthusiastic Shepherd puppy that she is, she also needed help with impulse control around tiny Yule and feline Maize. 
As a Karen Pryor Academy graduate, she believes in the importance of continuing education and is always learning new skills through workshops, mentorships, certification programs and every new dog she trains!
Marta enjoys teaching classes and making it fun for the whole family. She also loves working 1-1 in home settings to tackle specific behaviors that will help pet owners live in happy harmony with their pets.